MASTERCLASSES in the Fine Art of  Nude Photography

Masterclass Dates

Masterclass 1 // 21. – 27.October 2019

Masterclass 2 // 27.10. – 02. Nov. 2019

Masterclass 3 // 04. – 10. Nov. 2019

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This highly personalised nude photography masterclass will focus on developing your skills photographing the female nude whilst exploring the diverse and raw beauty of Ibiza’s extraordinary landscape. 

Learn how to see women from a female perspective. What distinguishes this workshop from other workshops is my core belief that women are not objects, nor de-sexualized headless body-scapes. As one of the few female photographers capturing women nude, I am abstaining from the objectification of the female form and instead create compelling visuals that serve to highlight the synergy and narrative between femininity in all its manifestations in symbiosis with Ibiza’s stunning natural landscape. To foster the appreciation of the natural female form, I further decline to retouch my nude images.

Like Ibiza’s raving beauty, female beauty often comes into play in unexpected and bewildering ways. A lot of my work is about capturing beauty in its dynamic, imperfect perfection and transience, and so allowing people to take notice, and to experience unpredicted forms of female beauty. 

My workshop is teaching you how to capture the raw sensuality of (naked) women beyond boudoir glamour and an overly sexualised perception applied to the female body.

What makes my Masterclass unique

In order to create those fleeting, sensual off-moments, it needs an intense and trust fuelled connection between the model and photographer where both parties have time to develop a mutual understanding and rapport. In order to achieve this, I am keeping my workshops small. Each photographer will get quality time with each of the models on all days of the shoot.The total number of students per workshop will not surpass 8.

These intimate nudes photography workshops are from 6-8 students, so that each student will receive the highest caliber of instruction without struggling to work around other students or fighting for limited model time. We will begin the workshop with some theory and a review of your portfolio where you will receive individualised feedback in order to be able to progress during the days of your workshop. Expect to receive meaningful instruction on everything from effectively collaborating with a nude model(s) to image composition and lighting in exquisite indoor and exterior environments.

Duration & Content Overview

My nude masterclasses are intensive courses with theoretical and practical training. During the masterclass you will receive customised “hands on” training to help you greatly improve your photographic skills. I will guide you on everything from effectively collaborating with a nude model(s) to image composition and lighting in exquisite exterior environments so you achieve the results that you desire. 

5 nights in total including 4 shoot days and two travel days

Day 1:  Arrival at Accommodation & ‘Getting to Know’ Dinner where we run through the workshop program.

Day 2: (1) Theory: Introduction to Nude Photography (2) Individual Portfolio Review with Diane (3) Presentation of your best work to date to the group.

Day 3: Semi Nude / Beauty Shoot to warm up before diving into nudes the next day.

Day 4 & 5: Nude Shoots incl. individual ONE on ONE coaching with Diane and each model. Daily individual feedback sessions.

Day 5: Nude Shoots incl. individual ONE on ONE coaching with Diane and each model. Daily individual feedback sessions followed by a group exchange about your learnings & feedback including your presentation of your 5-8 best shots to your group.

Day 6: Departure a.m.

Each Shoot day consists of two sessions, each session is lasting a minimum of 3 hours – that’s over 30 hours of expert tuition, but there’s plenty of time to relax, read, go for a stroll, or take a dip in the pool. Pls contact me for a detailed overview of the workshop content via



Can Tanit is a photographer’s dream, located in Buscastelles with stone walls, exposed beams, unobstructed mountain views, en-suite bedrooms and a private backyard with heated swimming pool and whirlpool. The location also offers a rural designed kitchen for guests’ use, an open bar, chill out areas, fruit trees, aromatic plants, winery, a yoga area, barbecue and beautiful hidden corners.


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