Nude or Nothing continues Diane Betties’ book series Ibiza Nudes, which is a culmination of her ongoing portrait and beauty project shot in Ibiza.

This compelling selection of intimate nude images elegantly celebrates the imperfect beauty of the female body whilst exploring the diverse and raw beauty of its surrounding landscapes.

“Like Nature’s raving beauty, female beauty often comes into play in unexpected and bewildering ways. A lot of my work is about capturing beauty in its dynamic, imperfect perfection and transience. And therefore allowing people to take notice, and to experience unpredicted forms of female beauty. “

“I photograph images of the female bodies because the image of women has always been controlled by men. Women are usually ‘the photographed and not the photographers’. I’m trying to take back what belongs to women. In other words, redefine what it means to have a body that has always been described and changed by the vision of men.”

Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” yet ‘elegant and graceful’ are adjectives that come to mind when describing her muses. Especially in those fleeting visual moments at the time of capturing the image.

As one of the few female photographers capturing women nude, Diane Betties is strictly abstaining from the objectification of the female form. Instead she creates striking and compelling visuals that not only serve to underscore the synergy between femininity in all its manifestations in symbiosis with nature’s stunning landscape.  Moreover she is intending to push the boundaries of socially accepted beauty standards further by declining to retouch her nude images. 

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